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PA State Motorcycle Inspections & Equipment Regulations


Just like automobile owners, motorcyclists in Philadelphia and South Jersey are required to have their bikes inspected by a qualified inspector annually. While East Coast Cycle Center is not a certified inspector in New Jersey, our team is qualified to perform motorcycle inspections in the state of Pennsylvania.

Motorcycle getting a state inspection in northeast Philadelphia, PA


Inspections are conducted to ensure that every bike on the road meets the state’s safety regulations. At East Coast Cycle Center, our state motorcycle inspections include:


  • A comprehensive inspection of your motorcycle.
  • Certification required repairs or replacements.
  • Official Pennsylvania certification sticker and state documentation.


What to Expect From Your Inspection


In general, our inspectors will be assessing the following items:


  • Steering
  • Brake system
  • Suspension
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Lighting system
  • Electrical system
  • Windshields
  • Mirrors
  • Fuel system
  • Speedometer
  • Odometer
  • Exhaust system
  • Horn
  • Warning system
  • Body
  • Chassis


What if My Motorcycle Needs Repairs?


Any motorcycle owner who stays on top of a bike’s regular maintenance needs and performs repairs as required will find that the bike can pass inspection easily. On the other hand, a motorcyclist who puts off a bike’s maintenance needs will more than likely have to undergo some repairs before it can meet the state’s safety standards. Depending on how well you take care of your bike, you may only have to undergo minor repairs that can quickly be taken of care at our service center.


If it's determined during your motorcycle inspection that your bike is in need of repairs or replacements, we offer a full range of motorcycle repair services near Philadelphia and South Jersey including:



What Happens After I Pass My Inspection?


Once you have passed the inspection, you will receive a sticker to place on your bike that generally expires a year from the date of the initial examination. The state of Pennsylvania uses a chart system to determine when a motorcycle inspection will be required. Each state inspector is given a copy of the chart to ensure that he or she is assigning the correct inspection expiration dates.


Your motorcycle’s registration will be the determining factor for when your inspection sticker expires. Drivers whose registration is set to expire between November and April will notice that their inspection stickers will never expire at the same time. For example, if you were to get an inspection in April 2018 and your vehicle's registration was set to expire in April 2018 as well, your inspection sticker expiration date should be in October 2018.


For motorcyclists whose registration expires in a different month than the ones mentioned above, please review the below information on the annual system of inspections in accordance with PA Safety Inspection Program:


  • Motorcycles that have registrations expiring in January and June shall be inspected in May, June, or July.
  • Motorcycles that have registrations expiring in February and August shall be inspected in June, July, or August.
  • Motorcycles that have registrations expiring in March or September shall be inspected in July, August, or September.
  • Motorcycles that have registrations expiring in April or October shall be inspected in August, September, or October.
  • Motorcycles that have registrations expiring in May and November shall be inspected in March, April, or May.
  • Motorcycles that have registrations expiring in June or December shall be inspected in April, May, or June.


For those whose registrations and inspections are set to expire at the same time are encouraged to take advantage of the state’s early inspection allowances. In the state of Pennsylvania, motorcyclists can obtain their state inspections up to two months in advance. Therefore, we offer convenient pre-season inspections for those interested in getting their motorcycle inspections done early.


Why Choose East Coast Cycle Center for Your State Inspection?


  • We offer professional and convenient inspection services.
  • We provide on-site repair options.
  • Our inspectors are both friendly and knowledgeable.


Contact us today to schedule your annual PA motorcycle inspection!

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