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Professional Motorcycle Winterization Services


motorcycle covered in snow in need of winterization services in Philadelphia, PABeing a motorcycle owner in Northeast Philadelphia and the surrounding areas comes with its fair share of responsibilities and preparing your bike for winter just happens to be one of them. Unfortunately, storing a motorcycle for the winter is not as simple as just throwing a cover over it, but we can give you the tools you need to take care of your bike this winter.


If you’re planning on storing your motorcycle this winter, it is critical that you schedule an annual motorcycle weatherization appointment with the highly skilled technicians at East Coast Cycle Center. We’re happy to help motorcyclists prepare their beloved motorcycles for the harsh winter conditions. Our service center even provides a full range of motorcycle weatherization services that will ensure your bike will be ready to ride when spring arrives.


Why is Winterization Important?


  • Unused oil has acidic properties which mean it can corrode your engine’s internal parts.
  • Unprotected cylinders can be damaged from moisture build-up that can cause pitting and rust.
  • The internal structure of your motorcycle’s cooling system can become corroded.
  • Old coolant won’t protect your motorcycle from freezing temperatures which can lead to the liquids in your cooling system freezing and your cylinder heads to cracking.
  • Exposed suspension seals are susceptible to drying and corrosion if not protected properly.
  • Your motorcycle’s paint finish can be ruined if bugs, water stains, and grime are left on for long periods of times.


What You Can Expect From Our Winterization Services


Preparing your motorcycle for winter will save you both money and time when it comes time to putting your bike back on the road. Our comprehensive motorcycle winterization services are available to riders in Philadelphia and South Jersey.


When you choose East Coast Cycle Center for your weatherization needs you can expect the following major services to be performed:


Surface Preparation: During the surface preparation stage of our motorcycle winterization process we’ll get your motorcycle nice and clean so that those water and bug stains don’t corrode the finish of your motorcycle over the winter. Additionally, we’ll add a coat of wax to protect your motorcycle against moisture and rust.


Battery Inspection: Your motorcycle’s battery is one thing you don't want to go bad over winter. Our experienced technicians will help you extend your battery’s life by removing it for the winter. We’ll keep it adequately charged and re-install it whenever you’re ready to ride again.


Engine Protection: Replacing an engine is one headache you’ll want to avoid so we’ll replace your engine’s oil so that it can stay lubricated throughout the winter.


Fuel System Stabilization: Gas tanks tend to rust when they’re not in use for long periods of time. In order to stabilize your fuel system for the long winter, we’ll treat your system with a high-quality fuel stabilizing product before storing it.


In addition to the major motorcycle winterization services mentioned above, we’ll also perform the following services to get your motorcycle ready for winter storage:



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