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The Motorcycle Tire Repair You Need to Get Back on the Road


When you’re putting the rubber to the road, it’s essential to have tires that are in good condition. We staff our motorcycle tire repair shop here at East Coast Cycle Center with a team that knows motorcycles inside-out and is fully capable of giving your machine’s tires the care and attention they deserve. Centered near Northeast Philadelphia and serving local and surrounding communities, East Coast Cycle Center has the motorcycle tire repair shop to get your bike up and running without losing an unnecessary moment.


Interested in learning more about what our crew can do for you and your tires? Our team specializes in a host of different repairs!


Tire Wear

Motorcycle has nail in tire and will be needing a tire repair from East Coast Cycle Center in Northeast PhiladelphiaIf you’re considering replacing your tires, one of the most important factors to look at is their wear. Tires that have gotten a lot of use over time will inevitably begin to show their years, causing your motorcycle’s performance to be less than optimal.


Furthermore, there are also factors other than riding that will affect your tires’ condition. Environmental influences such as exposure to UV radiation, ozone, and even oxygen can cause your tires to wear down gradually. Exposure to sunlight and heat can also cause cracking, commonly known as sun rot.


Contact our motorcycle tire repair shop for some pro tips on how to determine if your tires are at the end of their road.


Pressure Checks

Having proper tire pressure is critical to the upkeep of your tires. If your tire is under- or over-inflated, it can have a negative impact on your tire’s contact patch; that is, the point at which your tire touches the ground beneath it. Improper tire pressure will prevent them from wearing as they are intended, leading to damage down the line.


Tire Tears

Contrary to how most people understand the word “tear,” a tire tear on a motorcycle is really just a particularly worn-out spot on a tire, not an actual tear. Having a tire tear does not necessarily mean that you need new tires. Consult one of our pro technicians at our motorcycle tire repair shop for tips and advice.


Hot, Cold, and Irregular Tears

Some more particular kinds of tire tears include hot tears, caused by overheating due to lower tire pressure; cold tears, which result from over-inflation, and irregular tears, consisting of an uneven tear across the tire. Our pros will be able to advise on how best to treat your tire in the event of such damage.


Tire Punctures

Unfortunately, it is usually not possible to fully restore a tire that has been significantly punctured. Even when repairs are performed, driving on such a tire for anything other than an emergency is not recommended. Our experts at our motorcycle tire repair shop will give you the best advice possible on how to handle any tire punctures you experience.


Give Our Guys a Call!

Are your tires in need of some expert care ASAP? East Coast Cycle Center proudly serves the community of Northeast Philadelphia and beyond. Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact our motorcycle tire repair shop today!

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